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The Personnel People provides qualified and dependable staffing to fill permanent, temporary and temporary-to-permanent positions. We specialize in the following office staffing areas:

Executive Assistant ♦ Administrative Assistant ♦ Office Manager
Legal / Medical ♦ Sales ♦ Customer Service ♦ Receptionist
Bookkeeper ♦ Accounting Clerk ♦ Data Entry Clerk

Our temporary, permanent, and temporary-to-permanent placement services offer flexible and fast solutions to your staffing needs. Just leave the recruiting and screening to us. We will schedule interviews at your convenience with pre-qualified candidates. Once you've selected a candidate, you have the option to place them on your own payroll as an employee or utilize our temporary or temporary-to-permanent services. When hiring the candidate immediately as an employee, a one-time placement fee is charged. Our temporary-to-permanent option allows you to evaluate the candidate's performance for a trial period. During this time, the employee will be on our payroll. The Personnel People will bill you for these services on a weekly basis. While on our payroll, we'll pay the employee's salary, payroll taxes, and workman's compensation insurance. After the trial period, the selected candidate can become your permanent employee at no additional cost.

In addition to these services, we offer a payroll service. This service allows businesses that have pre-selected a candidate for a position to place them on The Personnel People's payroll. This service is often utilized by businesses with seasonal or special projects. When using our payroll service, there are no minimum terms, billable hours or fee obligations.